A Long, Long, Time Ago, When I Was Sixteen

A Long, Long, Time Ago, When I Was Sixteen

A long, long time ago, I can still remember the first time I played with the Tarot.  I was pretty sure, until recently, I’d told you all the story of how I got into the Tarot when I was sixteen.

19th June: Thank You, TABI

19th June: Thank You, TABI

It is nice to be thanked and it is even to see gifts you’ve made, given or received, being appreciated. It’s nice to say, thank you. Sometimes, you can’t see the gift being appreciated, for it needs to grow, of

Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Tarot Challenge ~ Day 29

This is the penultimate day of the 30 Day Challenge from Ree at 78Keys and The Wildwood Tarot is poised to answer the following: Do you have a Tarot mentor? Who are they (in relation to you) and how do

Wildwood Answers: 30 Day Challenge ~ Day 22

We’re on Day 22 of the 30 Day Tarot Blogging Challenge. Yesterday saw a great question and a searching answer to match the card with the feeling(s) felt by me when I read. Today, we have another great question, which

Wildwood CotD : Knight of Vessels

Another card of the Vessels suit comes out to join us and today, it’s the slippery, environment changing, go-with-the-flow, Eel. What a brilliant card for a Friday! This Knight is far more about adaptability, camouflage and their sometime electric personalities

Wildwood CotD : Eight of Bows

Today comes the card from my eldest son and he picked out the Eight of Bows, with the keyword of “Hearthfire”. If you wanted a card to celebrate the family of man, this would be it. This card is so

Wildwood COTD : King of Stones

Today, the King of Stones, the family protector, comes out to pay us a visit. The last time Mr Wolf came out to visit, it was at the end of the Tarot Conference. The pack this time might not be

Wildwood COTD : Four of Stones

It’s Saturday but we’re hunkering down for some protection today, if the Wildwood’s advice for today is anything to go by. Protection from what, exactly though? Protection from the night-time elements? Protection from being hunted? Or are you the stones,

Wildwood COTD : Major #19, The Sun of Life

It’s a Monday and the Wildwood clearly isn’t a deck for sitting down and resting on its laurels! Today, it gives us Major #19, The Sun of Life, which at first glance makes me think: Let your light shine! (Which

Wildwood COTD : Page of Arrows

It’s Tuesday and for today, my youngest son pulled a card for us all and it was: The Page of Arrows, represented in this deck by the Wren. This little fellow is the smallest bird we’re ever to likely not

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