What Might May Hold For You?

We’re now in the Month of May, so what might it hold for you?

I gained this spread idea from a post in Tarotholics Anonymous, thanks to Lisa  at Angelorum 

The idea Lisa posted is here; You can either divide the deck into 3. One pile for the 22 Majors, one pile for the courts & one for the minors. So you’ll have 22 cards in the first pile, 16 in the other & the rest in the last; OR keep going until you come across the first one of each. Shuffle well, folks & let’s look at the cards for May from the Herbal Tarot

Card 1 is the Main Development for this month from the Majors; The Star

Card 2 is the best mental attitude to embrace & is from The Courts; Page of Pentacles

Card 3 is the Action to Take * is from the rest of the Minors. 8 of Swords

The Cards & Spread

The Major is The Star Card, with the herb Skullcap is the main development for this month. My dreams need developing this month, they need my focus & they need a clear head. The herb Skullcap is used to combat flu, aches & shivers. Skullcap is about preparing the mind for meditation but counteracts sleepiness.

The Court Card is the Page of Pentacles with Blue Hag as it’s herb. Pages are all about learning, so this month, I should find a way to learn that is good for me, practice learning & be practical in achieving my goals. Listen to the messages within, smell Iris & be careful if you’re taking Blue Hag as it can cause digestion issues, as well as helping you think straight.

The Minor card is the 8 of Swords. The action advice is not to over think it, keep things simple & be in the moment as they present themselves. The other two cards herbs are about calmness & black cohosh is similar in that regard (don’t take it if you’re pregnant though!) This card has a great affirmation from the Herbal Tarot book by the way: “By releasing myself of the thoughts that bind me, I am open to new concepts coming my way”.



I need to find my inner calm this month, look after myself (as skull cap suggests) & be prepared to learn of things in a new way. Gone are the days of sitting in a classroom or reading. The affirmation of the 8 of Swords is the best one, so I’ll take that forward. Release the thoughts that bind me.

I’ve used my new Herbal Tarot for May’s review & thanks again to Lisa Eddy for her post that inspired it. I can feel more will be coming in the next few months!

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Wildwood : Follow the Path

Path working is hard work and taking Tarot advice as you walk along life’s winding road, can be a good thing. If you want to know, ask. If you don’t want to know, avoid asking.

This week, I’ve taken the Pathway Spread that the deck comes with to ask: What do I need to know this week? As usual, the Wildwood has been somewhat direct. This deck never misses its mark. (It never misses me and hits the wall)

What’s the issue, dear?! Three of Arrows ~ Jealousy
Emotions may be tense this coming week. Now, I know that there’s a few eclipses to occur and that things are messed up, hung up and delayed in a meandering loop until around the tenth of October. Until then, due to the angst of not being able to drive things forward, there may be feelings of resentment that can be destructive. This internal anger can be aimed towards family, friend or those we work with daily. The path of anger can be devastating. Be careful with those emotions.

What’s the action to avoid? Major 5 ~ The Ancestor
This card is all about following a new path, trusting your inner voice. So, why is this bad? Your inner voice may well be not be coming from a place that is deep and quiet in The Wildwood. It’s not time to begin the path again, but to carry on from where you were. On this note, the aspects of the Ancestor that I feel I should keep are overpowering strength (to not lose my temper) and patience of nature.

What’s the action to take? King of Vessels ~ The Heron
This fellow is all about playing fair. He’ll wait for the penny to drop in someone’s psyche. To me, the King of Vessels is linked to Cancer and Cancerians are patient. They’re quite prepared to give someone time to come around to their way of thinking. They’ll plant their little seeds of thoughts and watch as, a little time later, you think of the idea and claim it as your own! Patience is not one of my virtues, I’m as sure as hell I was at the back of the queue for patience, if there was a queue there at all! Being like my father in temperament isn’t a bad thing, I’m not that sure I can be him, or even come close to his standards.

For the remainder of this week, patience and quiet strength are the signposts of this meandering path of life, but succumbing to jealous emotions isn’t. We’re in a six-week holding pattern, start playing nice. Okay, Wildwood, think I’ve got this sussed. Thanks!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this mid-week reading. My Tarot consultations are far more dynamic and interactive though!