Wildwood COTD : Major #21, The World Tree

Today is Saturday and I apologise for the lateness of this posting. However, we’ve a great card for today, The World Tree. What does this tell you? For me, it’s a case of your wishes coming true: that if you

Wildwood COTD : Four of Vessels

On this proper last day of February (tomorrow’s a special day, I’ll talk about it tomorrow) we have the Four of Vessels with the key word of Boredom. It’s a card from the Vessels suit, meaning it’s more to do

Wildwood COTD : Major 10, The Wheel (again)

Yes, I’ve drawn the same card twice. This happens quite a bit in Tarot, truth be told. However, I so thought I had gotten the message yesterday, to draw this out again means I either missed something (totally possible) or

Wildwood COTD : Major #1, The Shaman

Today’s card of the day is a reminder after yesterday’s Major, The Woodward. This fella has found a great place in The Wildwood in which to sit and work his magic. His tools are to hand, the small fire, a

Reading Slots still available!

Due to a few cancellations, I do still have some free evenings for Tarot Parties, personal one-to-one readings and readings via e-mail & Skype until December 16th. Visit my Order a Reading Page to book your reading! Remember, I’m not

Wildwood COTD : Card 4, The Green Man

Wildwood COTD : Card 4, The Green Man

And on this Friday, Priestess Tarot pulls out the Fourth Major of this deck, The Green Man. This card is the Emperor in RWS decks. He’s quite masculine, driven, assertive, sometimes commanding and sometimes harsh. You get some tough love

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