Tarot with a little Spanish Flavour

Tarot with a little Spanish Flavour

I have a little Spanish flavour in my deck collection now! No, that’s not including the use of saffron.  I had the benefits of holidaying in Barcelona this year; a country that is as hot as the cooking & as

New Moon in Cancer – Time To Learn

cancer new moon

The next New Moon is upon us & this time, it’s in the watery, Cardinal sign of Cancer. This means, that they’re the initiator, the people who start the ball rolling. They’re the ones that’ll plant the seeds & see

Time To Clear Your Mind for 2018

Time To Clear Your Mind for 2018

Clear your mind they sang, and the rest will follow.  I “may” have misquoted that song title but it was on purpose. The New Year is well underway, so it’s time to clear your mind from the previous year! If

Can you be Your Own Super-hero ?

Can you be Your Own Super-hero ?

We all need a superhero in our lives. Some we wish to meet, others, we get to be. This week, I want to focus on what can we do to be our own hero. I’m sure we all know the

When the Unexpected Happens : The Wildwood Helps

When the Unexpected Happens : The Wildwood Helps

We all get things that happen to us unexpectedly, that’s a part of life.  How we deal with the unexpected is what makes us unique & very individual. To be the best person in such situations, can the Tarot help?

Let’s Discuss : The Stag

The Stag, Guardian of the Wildwood comes out to liven up our creative souls.  This half human, half animal Stag Guardian of the Wildwood reminds us that our rights and wrongs are not those of the Wildwood or nature itself. 

Let’s Discuss : The Archer

Getting your point across is part of the journey of life, says The Archer. The Archer is your Wildwood’s Chariot. She’s the one that gives you the dead set focus we all get from time to time. She’ll also be

Emerging From The Wildwood

Here I am, emerging from the sabbatical I took away from technology & life. Returning to nature is always something that my soul sings out for when I find myself in a rut. Like the Pole Star, I’m emerging to

When Am I Going To Get A Break?


We do sometimes look up at the sky and think: Come on, gimme a break! But when are you going to catch a break? Sometimes, just sometimes, we need the Wheel of Luck to turn in our favour. Sometimes, just

Let’s Discuss : The Forest Lovers

Forest Lovers from The Wildwood Tarot

This week, I bring to you the beautiful Forest Lovers. How do you like to be loved? Mark & John made this card by symbolic of Robin and Marion, whilst Will beautifully brought them to life. With Mark’s involvement as

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