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18th August : Energies Around Us

Posted by Louise

Back from a great fresh air holiday, I investigate what energies are around myself and mine as we end one chapter and work out what comes next.

It's great to get away and relax. It becomes essential when you can't see the woods for the trees. It also helps you refocus and reassess the energies around you. Are you heading in the right direction? Are you happy with where you are? If not, what are you going to do about it? We had some changing news upon our return home from a holiday. It was anticipated, but still, unwelcome.

So, now that things are going to change (we will make it a change for the better!) I've asked the Tarot what energies are around us at the moment and these are the cards I drew.

The Energies

The Energies

 On the left, we have the Three of Arrows. This is the positive energies around at the moment. Hmm.... jealousy being positive? I wonder how? It could be that the energy of being jealous is normal, that we're to embrace it and let the thoughts flow. That's... interesting.

The second card represents the negative energies around us at the time. It's the Wren, the little voice that sings in the depths of Winter but it's often the voice of reason. However, with the emotions of jealously flowing, are we listening? Or are we listening to the wrong voices? It's a possibility, but there are a few that we need to listen to, everyone else, whilst most likely well-meaning, ought not to be listened to. Like advice, you can ignore it if it doesn't fit.

The last card is the Green Man and represents further energies to embrace. It comes up as the final advice card for energies to embrace. The Green Man can be quite forthright, vindictive but he can be empowering, guiding, a no-nonsense kind of approach. I can surmise who might fill in that role, and it's not just one person.

What energies do you see in these cards? Do you see more positives in the Three of Arrows? Do you see more negatives in the Page of Arrows?  Feel free to comment, I love comments and talking Tarot!

I've used The Wildwood Tarot here for the reading.

Wildwood : Midweek Story Board ~ Creative Self Respect ~ 19th Dec 2013

Posted by Louise

The week commencing 16th December 2013 shows us that the Devil is within the creative detail, but show yourself some respect.

As Yuletide and Christmas fast approach, we have a reminder from the Tarot about the Devil is in the creative detail, but to show ourselves the respect we each deserve. Here's how I came to that line of thought.

The Devil in the RWS is the Guardian in The Wildwood. The skeleton of the white bear is meant to be scary. Getting caught into a downward spiral that The Devil can cause, has it's scary effects on our waking lives. Think drink, drugs, stealing and you've got the idea of the dangers of this card. However, the Devil can have it's uses. He can cause us to think again, to look "beyond" the figure before us to the cave (our destination) beyond.

The Three of Stones shows a lady connecting to nature, her feet have become roots, reconnecting her to the ground from which we all return at some point. I love the look on her face, serene, calm. She's calm enough to allow the creative muses to strike.


Creativity Respect








The final card on this story board is the Nine of Bows, with the Woodwose coming at us in a very aggressive manner. The fact that he's acting angry could well be that we're not respecting his boundaries, or our own. Now that Jupiter has gone direct, finding and keeping our boundaries is going to mean a change in attitude.

Reading these three out in the line (as shown above) is how I came across the Devil being in the detail. Can you do all the planning and preparation until you're walking around half dead? Being creative can be great, at this time of year, that's almost called for, but allow yourself the quiet time. The respect comes from lots of different directions, but most of all, it must come from yourself. You can ask for help you know, without losing your self-respect and your sanity!

So, this week get the help you need, before you end up like the Guardian here, half dead and worn out. Enjoy the festivities! There will be one more story board post before Christmas hits and a Blog Hop post on Saturday. Enjoy!

The deck I've used is as always, The Wildwood which is illustrated by Will Worthington and created by the brilliant Mark Ryan and John Matthews.

Wildwood CotD : Three of Vessels

Posted by Louise

It's Party Time! Oh, wait, this is Tuesday, not a Friday. Does The Wildwood know what day of the week it is? I doubt it and even if it did, its message is applied to any day of the week.

Three of Vessels

Today, we're reminded to be thankful for friends, be joyous in the bond that they provide, for however long they choose to provide it and for however long you choose to accept it.

We meet people along the journey of life. Some we're with forever, family, childhood friends, some we meet at school, then depart ways. Others we meet and stick with us through college, university, courting, marriage, child-birth, the children growing. We meet people along various stages of this path, some help us through, some help us out of situations. Each time, we make a friend, we find reasons to be joyful, hopeful, happy. Happiness is a moment, it's not a destination, it's the journey we're on where we find the happiness, not actually to point Z.

I have heard some fantastic news today, that a friend has given birth to a little girl, 7lb 12oz today just before lunch time. This is great news and certainly something to celebrate! And there's another set of twins to come, never mind the little lady I am carrying!

So today, be thankful and grateful for what you can be thankful and grateful for. And if you can find some joy today, be it in a mug of coffee, some time to yourself, a sneaky biscuit or two just for you, the cat or pet snuggling up to you, take it and be joyful.


Wildwood CotD : Three of Vessels

Posted by Louise

Today we're joined by the Three of Vessels and it comes to us with the keyword of "Joy". It's a brilliant card for a Monday, especially today.

Three of Vessels

For me, this is a card that says "celebrate life", "enjoy the company of others" and lots of other good feelings. It's almost got a carnival feel about it and as we start heading towards the "silly season", I suspect it will come up a few more times before the Gregorian calendar changes to take us into another numbered year.

What does this card indicate to you today? Beyond what I have listed above, I also see this as being able to embrace love, friendship, celebrate the achievements of life and being able to appreciate the fulfilment that comes with working in a group or a small team.

Do you feel the love? (Now I have Elton John's, "Can you feel the love tonight?" going through my head.) If you don't feel the love, why not? You can and ought to give yourself permission to be fulfilled and to experience joy! Be strong, stoical. Understand that life is full of challenges, trials and tribulations as well as having its blessings and gifts. These things come in waves, like buses (they come in 3's!) so if you're not feeling it now, I hope you do soon!

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Wildwood CotD : Three of Arrows

Posted by Louise

Today's card comes to us and the keyword for today is "Jealousy". I was pondering this last night as I wrote it up and "envious" is another word I think that could be applied to this card. It is also the second "3" I've pulled out in two days.

Three of Arrows

This is not just the heart and the mind not agreeing, disagreeing, being on different wave lengths, it's also about not coveting what and whom you cannot have. That can include skills, possessions, understandings, a calmness. It can be anything to which you attribute being jealous or envious.

If this were to come up in the middle of a reading, what might you say about it? As a crossing card of the significator (central card) it can indicate that the card beneath is coveted by someone else, that their jealousy is affecting you. Or your jealousy is affecting them and you. It depends on how it comes out, but this is one of the few cards in the deck that has so many connotations, they're hard to list.

As a card on its own, it can relate to you being jealous or having people jealous of you. Which way around is it for you today? If you're jealous of others, why? Do you really want what they have? Or do you want the success that the object in question represents?? Is it more a case of being envious than jealousy?

Today, I am slightly envious of a friend who is having twins. You can clearly see her babies move around. Whilst I am not seeing my baby do "an alien" on me, I can feel her move, so I am not worried.  Am I envious or jealous of anything else? Not as I post this blog entry, but we'll see what comes up through the day. Come and reply, let me know how this card manifests for you today!

If you'd like my help in getting over this and other things, you can book my time here.


Wildwood CotD : Three of Bows

Posted by Louise

Today we have a card I've not drawn for a year and a day. That card is the Three of Bows, with the keyword of Fulfilment. It last came up on the 11th of November 2011.

Three of Bows

When this card came up, I had decided to put my name into the hat for TABI Chairman. Boy, a year has passed since then, where's the time gone?! Have I been fulfilled in that time? Yes, but hind-sight is always 20-20: There are things that could have been done better, that's a part of life. But there are two path ways here and I'm being bid to enter the gateway. I recall now the words of the Beech Tree: Cross the threshold and meet the challenge head on. Have I the energy for such a task?? If I were not pregnant, I might say "hell yeah!" but I know what will happen when I have this baby. I however have a decision to make, do I not? Or a pathway to choose. I feel it's a bit like: Damned if I do, damned if I do not: like the doors in the movie, Labyrinth. Does it really matter what path I choose? One has to be chosen.

The message within the book says that nourishment from a spiritual source gives inner security and joy. Goals and desires are reached, making life rich with emotional scrutiny and a sense of completion.

Have you ever fired a long-bow? I have. I got rather good at it, even if it was a composite. I know other friends of mine over the years have, some still do regularly. To get the best out of firing a bow, you have to think of it as a part of you, an extension, you have to be at one with it. The inner stillness and focus that comes when you do this is obvious to those around you. It builds trust, confidence and security. It lets your inner energy shine.

So, today it's a case of finding that inner stillness and focus. Harder to do sometimes, with the chaos that is life, but possible. And if you need help in finding that inner stillness, you can reach me here.


Wildwood CotD : Major #3 ~ The Green Woman

Posted by Louise

It's Saturday and today we have some female energy coming to us in the shape of The Green Woman. I've been wondering when I'd get some of the female energy I've been sensing, come into play.

Card of the Day ~ Green Woman

Major #3 ~ The Green Woman
Card of the Day

So, what does the Green Woman represent to you? Beyond being a mother, a muse, fertile thoughts and strong intuition. The last time she appeared to me was the 13th of June, just as I worked out and confirmed myself that I was pregnant for the third and final time.

She totally encompasses wildness, green energy, calmness... something I am so in need of right now, I promise you. She can promise a lot and deliver on that promise too, if you're up for her challenges. Her rewards are inner kinship and a deepening love bond to the Earth.

She usually joins us at the Midsummer Solstice, which has just passed but she still casts enough light for us to see by, even thought she's gone to bed by 8pm!

Right now, today, she's reminding us to protect, learn, be prepared to be initiated into a loving and fertile relationship (either human or universally) where you may be shown the path to understanding and commune better with nature. She's the one handing to us, responsibility, if we're humble and connected enough to take on her magnanimous and generous spirit. Learn from the abundant joyous spirit she is casting today. And since I'll be enjoying the outdoors a lot with the children a lot this weekend (regardless of what the weather thinks) remember: our children are not children forever.


Wildwood CotD : Three of Vessels

Posted by Louise

My children have pulled today's card and tomorrow's card. Today, the little fella pulled the Three of Vessels, which has the key word of "Joy".

Card of the Day

Three of Vessels ~
Card of the Day

And so today, it has been joyous. The eldest has returned to school, normality, for a short time (until the 18th) reigns with just the little guy and I. The time left with just him and I will be so sort lived... 10 whole days!! And yes, I'm counting down.

What else does this suggest to you? It suggests to me that family and joy can come from lots of different places (notice the three different colours of the chalices)

Times are changing, it's one of the three constant things in life (beyond death and taxes) and it should be embraced. The times we have together are so fleeting, enjoy them whilst we can!

Embrace love, embrace the chances we're presented with, celebrate your life's achievements and connect to those that make you fly! If others don't help you fly, feel free to fly away.


Wildwood CotD : Three of Arrows

Posted by Louise

Today as the time for me to retire draws near, I finally find the time to draw a card for today. The card of the day is the Three of Arrows, with the key word of "Jealousy".

Card of the Day

Three of Arrows ~ Jealousy
Card of the Day

I have sat and pondered about this card and its meaning, as I have finally remembered to have a drink. I know what has caused this feeling of detachment, of jealousy, but it would be most impolite and unprofessional of me to list them. However, the situations that have tried my patience and caused some heart-ache for me today, are temporary. These situations always are and whilst I am aware that the world does not revolve around me, I am somewhat annoyed at people taking advantage.

So, as I finally relax, I decide to let these emotions go and not burn into me any more, nor to let my heart bleed and ponder "why?" any more. The full moon is now waning, letting these emotions go now is the perfect time to do so. And so I do.

Today, if you have any negative, jealous, harmful self thoughts: let them go.  You don't need them, they drag us down. I don't need them, they hold me back and I am not in the mood to be held back. Are you?


Wildwood Cotd : Three of Vessels

Posted by Louise

It's a Sunday and despite the weather predictions, the weather where I am is sunny, warm, breezy and gorgeous! I hope it is where you're at. However, the Wildwood is reminding us today to “don't worry, be happy” in the form of the Three of Vessels, which has the keyword of “Joy”

Card of the Day

Three of Vessels ~
Card of the Day

I'm using The Wildwood app whilst I am away from my usual working environment, which is nice as I always have the deck and book with me. The quick paragraphs with the card in the app suggest that this card is a celebration within a communal group or family, the welcoming of new life or good fortune and perhaps the successful return after migration or travel by a tribe or grouping. Basically, it's a card about celebrating togetherness, whatever the reason, whomever the “family” group is made up from, be it family, close friends or work colleagues you really get along with. I am aware that SF BATS Conference is taking place right now (San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium) and it's one event I'd love to attend: but perhaps in a few years I'll be able to: being pregnant and with two children already does restrict the funds and time quite a bit! But I hope to make it by the time I reach 40.

However, what does this say to you today? I see the coming together of friends, I see the celebration and joy in just being together, having fun, relaxing, but do you see anything else? I also see emotional fulfilment, connection and partnerships, emotional engagement and joy. That's quite a lot for three herons dancing around three different coloured cups!

I am still sticking with the “don't worry, be happy” theme and wherever you are, enjoy!

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