Priestess Tarot : It’s All Change for me!


Don’t panic, I’m not going anywhere! I’m able to change things around as the new academic year gets underway. Now that all the kids are in school full-time (bar any sickness they might incur) I’m able to take day time

Venus is Retrograde : The Wildwood Explains

My astrology friends tell me that Venus is retrograde until 15th April. What does that mean to us mere mortals, struggling through life? The planets going retrograde or backwards is well-known. We can tell when Mercury is going backwards, we’re

Let’s Talk : Expressing My Authentic Self?

It’s time to see how you might express your authentic self.  There’s a lot to do now that we’re well & truly into the New Year, how can you best express your authentic self? Being true to yourself is often

Why Me? The Wildwood Answers.

Why Me? reversed

Why me? Well, why not? Should it be someone else that travels your life journey? The “Why Me?” question implies something of a defeatist attitude. We all get down from time to time and we all think: Why me?! occasionally.

What Do I Need To Know : The Week Ahead

To know what is coming, is to be prepared, correct? Well, maybe…. Knowing what is coming, or what may come, is like looking at the weather forecast and deciding if you’re going to wear a rain jacket, or a fleece; 

Thank You For Being A Friend

Thank you for being a friend, says I. Who are your friends? What do you expect of them? What do they expect of you? My 78 friends of The Wildwood are there to help me and with them, I can

Coping with Exhaustion

Being your own best friend, can be tricky! Coping with being tired and dealing with a mountain of “To do” tasks that a military unit would call normal, can be tricky! How do you cope? What do you need to

Appreciating Your Mother


How can you show appreciation to the wonderful Mothers in our lives? Appreciating our mothers (the good ones!) and showing that you’re grateful for all their hard work doesn’t have to cost the stash of pocket money of the children

Wildwood : Respect Of The Week Storyboard

Respect is the word for the week from the Wildwood, as well as being in your own corner and wondering what on earth is going on! The Wildwood can be quite literal. It’s not a gentle, granny deck, it’s very

Wildwood : It’s an Injustice!

I’ve finally found thirty nano-seconds to write a blog post during the first week of the Easter school break. Even the Wildwood is saying there’s an injustice done, somewhere! Ha! I suspect, it’ll be to me, being Pisces. I’m not

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