Welcome, 2019! You’re a Three Year Expectation

Major #3 - The Green Woman

2019 is a Three year; 2 + 1 + 9 = 12, 1+2 =3. Simple numerology works & this year, after the “choices” of 2018, we need some dynamic changes & energies coming into shift things along. Why do we

Oh, It’s Monday, ah, Blue Monday

Oh, It’s Monday, ah, Blue Monday

It’s “Blue Monday” – the day of the year we’re supposed to be the blue-est we’ll ever be.  So, for being so blue, what can we do about it? First of all, this song just comes right into my head:

Wishing Upon A Star this Yuletide


It’s the Tarot Blog Hop & it’s the last one for 2017. Err, where’s the year gone?!   It’s Yuletime & it’s the darkest part of the year. From now on, the light starts to return. Though we probably won’t

Acting your Shoe Size, Not Your Age!

Acting your Shoe Size, Not Your Age!

It’s very easy to get swept up in the roles of modern life. Sometimes though, we need reminding to act our shoe size & not our age! How can the Tarot help you do just that? Whatever your shoe size

Can you be Your Own Super-hero ?

Can you be Your Own Super-hero ?

We all need a superhero in our lives. Some we wish to meet, others, we get to be. This week, I want to focus on what can we do to be our own hero. I’m sure we all know the

When the Unexpected Happens : The Wildwood Helps

When the Unexpected Happens : The Wildwood Helps

We all get things that happen to us unexpectedly, that’s a part of life.  How we deal with the unexpected is what makes us unique & very individual. To be the best person in such situations, can the Tarot help?

The Wildwood Cards for June with Video

Flaming June has arrived & weather aside, what’s in store for us? It’s a whole new month (again!) and now we’re half way through the year, I wonder what’s in store for us in June!   The cards for June

Gemini New Moon & Middle Beltane

New Moon in Gemini cards

It’s a New Moon & the fires of Beltane still burn brightly. What can the Gemini New Moon provide us on insights? We’re in the middle time between Beltane & as we’re approaching a new moon (which will be in

Venus Is Now Direct, which means… ? 

Venus went direct in the skies as of April 15th, 2017.  What does that little planet of love going direct mean to us? Well, firstly, it just isn’t that simple, as much as I’d love it to be! To move forward,

The After Effects of Trauma

Going through something traumatic such as a mugging can really bugger you up. I explore ways of dealing with it & the after effects of trauma with the Tarot.  Having something violently removed from you shakes you up, no matter

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