Month: May 2011

Wildwood COTD : 5 of Vessels

And here we see someone who is dancing with wands, dressed in green and gold in a pentacle drawn on the ground. Each point has a bowl with I assume a candle in (the bowls are glowing) and she is watching me watching her. She seems happy enough as her hair and necklace fly as […]

Wildwood COTD: 4 of Vessels

In this card we see a woman sitting in a nice corner of a garden. There are two large pots on the ground near her that are slightly over-spilling with water and there are two smaller pots feeding the larger pots higher up. She has her head resting on her hands and she looks fed […]

Wildwood COTD: Six of Bows

This has the key word of abundance associated with it and from the looks of the picture, I would agree. In a secluded part of the Wildwood, a fire burns, casting its warmth and light around the enclave. There are baskets full of fruit & provisions at the edge and around the fire, are six […]

World Tarot Day!

The 25th of May is World Tarot Day. I would share a link to World Tarot Day but I can’t find the actual site or the “spirit” of it. Anyway, if you would be so kind as to find me (Priestess Tarot) on Facebook, I’m offering 5 x Free 3 Card Readings with this wonderful […]

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