My First Reading with The Wildwood

Firstly, Blessed Beltane to everyone!

Will Worthington, Mark Ryan and John Matthews have re-launched an updated version of the highly popular and cult Tarot Deck, The Greenwood. The new re-incarnation is The Wildwood and going by the enthusiasm on TABI’s forum, it’s striking a cord with a lot of members! (But be advised, if you are lucky enough to have The Greenwood, this deck does vary with some of the cards and the meanings, so don’t expect it to be an exact copy or work in the same way!) You can find images and buy The Wildwood deck directly from Will Worthington.

Now, having shamelessly plugged this Deck, I have to say that my first reading was quite meaningful. Very often, Tarot Readers will “interview” a new deck using The Interview spread.  It has put into context some of the emotions I’ve been feeling of late: disconnected, tired, listless…. and provided a way for me to work them out.

As a result, I’ll post here every so often my “Wildwood Card of the Day” and I’ll start from today. I took out the 6 cards used in this spread from yesterday (I’ve shared this with TABI Members but I feel I ought not to post it here) and today I got:

The Ace of Arrow : The Breath of Life

A new idea that may have come in a dream, has crystallised in your mind. Clarify your purpose and gain the wisdom to see it through.

Card of the Day
Ace of Arrows ~ Breath of Life
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My First Reading with The Wildwood
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