Month: May 2011

Wildwood COTD: Card 4 – The Green Man

I’ll write it up later, but the first thing I always think about with this card is: Herne. Powerful, mysterious, commanding, wilful, controlling, manipulative, kind, energizing… I could go on and list more attributes I associate with Herne, but I need not. To most, he is The Magician. Usually, when I hear the word “Magician” […]

Wildwood COTD: Nine of Vessels

This card shows a man, sitting in a Zen / meditative sitting position (perhaps in mid air?) surrounded by five and three bowls or jugs cups. The ninth (and largest of them all!) is between his legs. The card has a warmth to it as each cup or jug is surrounded by a shade of […]

Wildwood COTD: Knight of Stones

This shows a horse (possibly a prehistoric horse as he looks smaller and somewhat differently proportioned to the mainly Arabic horses we are used to today.) He is galloping down a sand dune in rather dry looking countryside. There are stones and scrub grass in front of him, and what looks like the see behind […]

Wildwood COTD: Two of Stones

The keyword with this one is Challenge. With the RWS, it’s usually balance and it can certainly be a challenge keeping the balance! Today is such a day. I was up at 7:45 (that’s my lie in! 🙂 ) the plasterer was here at 8:02 to take the plaster off the bay window (it’s shot […]

Wildwood COTD: 9 of Arrows (14th May)

This card has the keyword; DEDICATION to it. However, I felt very far from it yesterday. If you look at the card, the lady in the blue dress with the ivy patterned shawl looks sad as she tries to play the bow with the arrow. I certainly did not feel very protected nor very dedicated. […]

Wildwood COTD: 6 of Stones

This shows two people asking for something. They’re holding their bowls out, looking up to the Heavens, asking their Gods and Goddesses for intervention. Why are they being treated or exploited in this way? The fields in the background are desolate, lifeless. The beehives are empty and broken. This shows the capacity to exploit things […]

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