Wildwood COTD : 5 of Vessels

And here we see someone who is dancing with wands, dressed in green and gold in a pentacle drawn on the ground. Each point has a bowl with I assume a candle in (the bowls are glowing) and she is watching me watching her. She seems happy enough as her hair and necklace fly as she spins around.

The key word for this card is ecstasy and even though it’s pouring down with rain outside (and it has been for hours) I’m not down. The garden and crops need the rain and it saves me doing it (though I did it last night with the hose) so I am happy. Also, it’s warm inside, there’s tea, my children, husband, a fed up dog (who will get a walk when I’ve done this post 🙂 ) and a pile of dishes to do but hey… It’s a bank holiday Monday here in the UK. No work! A second Sunday if you will. Chores will get done when they’re done, and not a moment before I’m ready to do them.

Five of Vessels - Ecstasy

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Wildwood COTD : 5 of Vessels
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