Wildwood COTD: 6 of Stones

This shows two people asking for something. They’re holding their bowls out, looking up to the Heavens, asking their Gods and Goddesses for intervention. Why are they being treated or exploited in this way? The fields in the background are desolate, lifeless. The beehives are empty and broken.

This shows the capacity to exploit things to our own detriment, believing we have a right to do so. We’re exploiting things and we have no right. This is our time, yes, but we have children who need to use this planet after us. And our grand-children aren’t here yet.

To those that died on the M5 today, I pray you are now safe and out of harms way. To the cause of the crash, may you be forgiven. To those left behind, I am sorry for your loss. To those inconvenienced: you live. Others do not.

And to Becki: I’M SORRY I FORGOT! 🙁

SIx of Stones ~ Exploitation
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Wildwood COTD: 6 of Stones
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