Wildwood COTD: Card 13: The Journey

If you were to see this card before you, you might not be very happy to see it. It’s almost gory, but nature is like that. Nothing is left behind that can be of use or if it food to some creature. In this card we see a crow sitting upon a fallen stags skull, ripping out the last pieces of flesh. Other crows fly above, circling like vultures. But that is nature’s way. Things die, life goes on. The stag has served his time and so returns to the earth. The crow is taking advantage of the free food and keeping the others away from his “hoard”.

Now, I’ve read the book between the paragraph above and this and while this card in its book description deals better with death than most of the “traditional” death cards (and we have a funeral to attend next Monday) I do not feel that this is what the card is trying to tell me. My first thought when I saw it was: leave behind and let die what you do not need.  So, time to work out what I can leave behind and let the crows have it.

Major 13 from The Wildwood

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Wildwood COTD: Card 13: The Journey
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