Wildwood COTD: Card 6 – The Forest Lovers

This shows two people standing around the silver birch that acts as a Maypole. As the tree suggests, this relates to Beltane, or early May. The two figures are dressed for the woodlands. In the book, Mark and John suggest that these are Maid Marion and Robin Hood, re-committing themselves to each other at Beltane. To me, it’s passion for life in general and each other. This has been rather relevant in these 24 hours as (yes, please do say this aloud in a Scottish accent, like I do, because I am Scottish 🙂 ) “Ive had a moose, loose, about my hoose!”

Well, 3 of them, to be exact and only so far. One (thankfully!) I caught humanly this afternoon. I saw it dart from under the freezer to be under the fridge while I was doing myself lunch. While I had to pop out, it went into the humane trap. I suspect that it was it’s parents, rather unfortunately didn’t or would not go into that trap and I had been trying since Monday evening with goodness knows what kind of bait, so they met the “big cheese” in the sky overnight. (The health for my children came first!)

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Wildwood COTD: Card 6 – The Forest Lovers
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