Wildwood COTD: Card 6, The Forest Lovers.

This card shows us two people, holding hands around a may pole that is a Silver Birch. This is often interpreted as Robin Hood & Maid Marian, performing their own hand-fasting. It shows the signs of spring in the lilies growing in the foreground and the Birch tree in leaf between the two lovers.

Major 6 ~ The Forest LoversI’ll have to post my interpretations later… this one is going to need thinking about, for I am not sure what it is trying to tell me about today.

I had to pick the book up on this one and I read the following:

The forest lovers represent both balance in a relationship and the sexual union between two polarised individuals. This in itself encompasses the love of all nature, both human and ecological as well as that of individuals.

And another excerpt from the book:

It is an interchange of energy and passion, not the surrender or domination of either but a voluntary exchange of willpower and respect.

So, as the last sentence of this card from the book says (and after experiencing today) it is a reminder to always bring the light of love (for yourself and others)  with you; allow it to illuminate the darkest corners of your world and support you through whatever you set out to do.

And I wish I had picked up the book and read all this earlier in the day.

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Wildwood COTD: Card 6, The Forest Lovers.
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