Wildwood COTD: Queen of Bows: The Hare

I guess Bows in this deck would be Wands in others, but it’s not a strict correlation. To me, the Queen of Wands is a fiery woman: she’ll be the one buzzing about, having ideas and passing them on. This Queen of Bows is very fleet footed (which ties in with the RWS) but she’s not one that will run in a straight line. Have you ever seen Hares run? I haven’t, not with my own eyes right before me (and I don’t count seeing them on Spring Watch as with my own eyes) but (again, Spring Watch!) I do know, from watching the television.

So, what does this Queen have to tell me today? Her energy was around before I left the house this morning. We went to see a furniture manufacturer directly as we’re in need of a new sofa / couch but the ones on the market do not meet our needs, for one reason or another. So, we’ve visited a local chap to see what he can make. It was from there, to home, then back out again to take the toddler to a new environment (a new playgroup) and said toddler loved it. Then back home and back out and back home and… so on and so forth. It’s post dinner / tea time as I write up the card for today and even now (when I’ve finished typing) I’ll be watching out for my two, like this hare, guarding, protecting, nurturing…. it never ends. But then, I chose to be a mum and I never expect it to end: even when they leave home.

And the book’s description ties in well. She’s far gentler in this deck than I have seen in others, this Queen of Bows / Wands. Love the mid-summer connections.

The Queen of Bows

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Wildwood COTD: Queen of Bows: The Hare
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