Month: June 2011

Wildwood COTD : Two of Arrows

On this lovely Sunday morning, where Fathers are supposed to be praised for their skills at parenting and praised for being so inspiring, I pull out the Two of Arrows. And I wonder why. Not quite the card I was looking for on a day that I hope is restful and peaceful for my husband […]

Wildwood COTD : 4 of Arrows

And on this drizzly Saturday, Priestess Tarot pulls out…. Yes, the Four of Arrows. Perhaps I should not make the card I pull the title, but hey, how else would you know what card went with the day so quickly? And now you’ve worked that out, come and join me in resting for today, for […]

Wildwood COTD : Seven of Vessels

And this morning, whilst I was shuffling, The Guardian jumped out at me. “Not you again!” I proclaimed, and shoved him back into the pack. So, I might hear about my “thing” today, I might not. But no more death news today, PLEASE?! But the card I did end up turning up (after a really […]

Wildwood COTD : Page of Bows

This card last came up for me five days ago. I often find that cards come up again if you’ve not paid attention to them, but on this occasion I do not feel that this is the case. Today, it’s about something different. This cheeky little creature is sat upon a log, three legs providing […]

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