Wildwood COTD : 4 of Bows

And on this lovely Sunday, Priestess Tarot has pulled… yes, the Four of Bows. This card shows five women dancing around a blazing fire. There’s food and drink aplenty and each woman is enjoying herself either dancing with a friend or on their own. Four of the women have bows in their hand that we can see. If there is a fifth, it is not seen. The women look fit, happy and relaxed.

The key word for the card is celebration. This is not the typical wedding picture that you see in the usual RWS flavours and in this card, there are five women. However, I feel it doesn’t matter what the celebration is, or why. It is good to spend time with friends, enjoying their company, dancing, frolicking and letting your hair down. It’s a Sunday, the day after most people have partied or celebrated the previous night.

I’m not one for going out to clubs. I never have, but I do enjoy the company of friends, letting the wine flow and celebrating whatever the event is with them. Oh, the event itself could be anything: life is a good excuse.

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Wildwood COTD : 4 of Bows
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