Wildwood COTD : Card 3, The Green Woman

And so today, Priestess Tarot pulls the third Major in this deck, The Green Woman. Well, I didn’t exactly “pull” her out of the deck, or turn her over. She’s done the “jumping” thing that cards do when you’re shuffling and as she was the only one, I looked and listened.

So, what has this card got to say for me today? She’s the fertile lady in this deck, looking at the cauldron makes that all very clear. My head is cloudy from this cold I have, so it may take me the rest of the day and a quick read of the book to understand this one, but I do wonder if I have put something in place and it’s about to start manifesting. See, the thing is, when you have kids, your brain’s short term memory capacity sucks. It’s a fact. It goes down hill (OK, into this cauldron by the looks of it) and it takes some work for it to come back to some sense of normality. As I sup a mug of tea (it’s a huge latte sized mug of tea) the words: inspiration and creativity come to mind. Which I might have to do if this Darth Vader costume for the birthday party my eldest is due to attend does not come tomorrow!! *argh*

As for what else? I’ll just figure it out as it comes, but I’ll be keeping this creative lady in the back of my mind. She’ll push her way through my thoughts when the moment is right. Now, if there’s a good piece of music (that does not now involve Star Wars’ tune for Darth Vader) that goes nicely with said possible thought, I’ll take it. Thank you!

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Wildwood COTD : Card 3, The Green Woman
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