Wildwood COTD : Card 6, The Forest Lovers

And today, Priestess Tarot drew The Forest Lovers card. I’ve had this card before, but not for a while. Today, I had the pleasure of my parents coming to visit. They’ve been away for a while but today, I got to see them and spend some time with them!

To me, my parents are an ideal show case for this card. A couple who have known each other since primary school days, who have spent the last 37 years as man and wife, raised two children and protected them from a lot of stuff that kids just don’t understand. Through all their trials and tribulations, not once have either thought of throwing in the towel. Sure, they’d probably have gotten less for murder (LOL!) but through thick and thin, and back again, they’ve endured loves sweet flame (if you know Stevie Nicks’ song, “Love’s a hard game to play”, you’ll get that reference and have a small insight into how their love works).

But what has this to do with me? It’s not just my parents who “want the love to last”. Is it not what all of us want? But it takes time, effort, patience, anger, passion, compassion, understanding and a whole host of other skills that I just cannot list, for there is just not enough room!  Look at the picture and enjoy it. The nerves and wonder of my wedding day come to mind with this card.

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Wildwood COTD : Card 6, The Forest Lovers
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