Wildwood COTD : Eight of Bows

And on the hump for this week, Priestess Tarot today talks about the Eight of Bows.

In this card, you can see a group of people standing around a fire. There are eight bows in this card but none of the bows are aiming at anything and there are no arrows to be seen. Every member of this group looks like they’re male, so probably the hunters gathering after a day spent hunting. It’s dark so the fire is used for warmth and light.

But what does this tell us? Eights in the Tarot are action cards. They’re the “things are about to happen, stand by the beds” type of card. But not in this deck. To me, this is something different and I cannot quite put my finger on it.

In order to answer the above, I’ve dug into the TABI Forum and borrowed this from my fellow member,  Chloe:

I see this card representing the support and sharing that I would, in traditional RWS decks, associate with the Three of Cups. A big difference, I guess, is the fact that it is an all male group, rather than three women. So, no sense of the triple goddess, but still the idea of old and young enjoying one another’s company, celebrating and sharing.

I commented back that this so reminded me of the Robin of Sherwood TV Series (yes, the same one Mark acted in) that I was even more in love with this deck than I had been previously, if such a thing were possible.

And this is how I feel, after successfully working MailChimp to get my first newsletter out properly!

So, what else might this entail for me today? Beyond trying to battle this head cold, kindly given to me by my youngest and cheekiest son I am waiting to feel the warmth of the hearth fire from the male members of this family this evening. We have a small saying in this house, “Go Team Underhill”. And so, like every evening, we’ll sit down together as a family, share our actions of the day, try and get the boys to eat rather than play and then have fun as a family before bed. I wonder if daddy will be the favourite again this evening?

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Wildwood COTD : Eight of Bows
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