Wildwood COTD : King of Stones

This card shows a wolf, perhaps a timber wolf, howling on a snow covered cliff edge. The tree behind him is also deeply covered in snow.  Apart from the brown of the timber wolf and the small part of the rock that is underneath the edge, white and grey are your main colours. It may be just after dusk, there is a little hint of red in the horizon, but I suspect it will fade to black very soon.

When I drew this card this morning, my first thoughts were: “Yeah, why me?!”  I was expecting guests and while I was running late getting the house into a sense of order (and hiding what I needed to!) my guests still had not started arriving and it was nearly a quarter past the hour. Okay, so coffee mornings do start at 10, but it’s not a strict rule. However, I always panic when people don’t turn up, especially if its been a swap with other NCT Members, as it was today. Still, I was worrying unnecessarily by all accounts, for no sooner had I set up the goal posts for my eldest, than I heard a “Hello Louise!” coming from inside the house. Of course, with the weather being so bright, I didn’t see anything when I came back inside for a few moments.

And on and off today I have had this card image pop into my head at rather odd moments. Such as when running to the post office rather quickly to post an item that does not work (I suddenly thought of the dog being in the car in this hot weather and was glad I had left her at home in the cool, even if only for ten minutes) or when there was a wee Sheltie dog called Maddie running around the road as I went to fetch dinner from our favourite Indian restaurant. There was no sign of Maddie upon my return (yes, I did try and help her owner catch her, but Maddie had other ideas) and my own dog was quite safe at home, having been walked home from the park by the husband and the children. (No doubt they were chased by crocodiles and dinosaurs along the route home: I’ve never seen such creatures though.)

Still, given what the book says about this card is very true. It says (in a shortened version) that my love for the land and the natural world guide what I do. I look to the wisdom of others and to traditions to colour my life choices. Why does it feel like the creators of this deck (Will Worthington, Mark Ryan and John Matthews) have been living with me? They haven’t, but this deck does speak to me in a way that no other deck has: until now.

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Wildwood COTD : King of Stones
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