Wildwood COTD : Knight of Stones

And on this wonderful Wednesday, Priestess Tarot talks about the Knight of Stones, which in this deck, is represented by a horse.  In this card, the horse is running towards us, stones flying from under his feet. He’s running on grass with what looks like a tidal area / flood plain behind him that has a few puddles of water. I can see grass growing in the rock gaps and sand.

Today is going to be a mad, rush day! I can tell 🙂 I knew it would probably be before this card jumped out at me this morning, but this just confirms what I already suspected!

So, why is my world all crazy today? I have some tree surgeons in to remove some of the stupidly big leylandai in my garden (only 3 of the 12, but it’s 3 less by the end of the day!) so it’s chaos in the garden. I’ve the washing out on the fold away driers so that the can move around the garden. The chickens are all in a flap (and I mean properly!) because they don’t like the chain-saw noise. My toddler hates the chain saw noise too! And jobs from yesterday I did not manage to get done have been done today.

Told you, one of those days! But that’s OK, as they don’t happen all that often!  (Thank the Goddess!)

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Wildwood COTD : Knight of Stones
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