Wildwood COTD : Page of Arrows

So this is the second day that Priestess Tarot posts about a Page card from this deck. It’s not uncommon to get cards follow each other in various patterns. However today, I really shuffled the cards. They’re breaking in nicely now and are not too stiff to handle any more, but neither are they bent in any way.

So, what have we got today? Well, the card shows a small brown bird, a wren, sitting on a twig in the depths of winter. There’s some parts that have been sheltered from the falling snow and this little bird is resting on one such part. It is a reminder I feel that things are often at their worst before they’re better. We’ve just suffered a really bad winter here (if you’re in the UK, Europe or northern USA you’ll have an idea of bad) and it seemed like Springtime was a whole lifetime away. However, time marches on and here we are, flying towards mid June so incredibly fast I often wonder where the time has gone!

Wrens are not the loudest of birds but I do see a few of them around in my garden, feeding on the seed feeders and I often wonder how birds know where the food is? I’ve not worked that part out, but somewhere out there are the smaller birds, talking away to each other. Which brings me to my point. Small voices. Are you listening to your small voice? Am I? Am I being direct enough? Am I being clear enough? This wren may not be able to shout from the highest roof top or be as magnificent as the larger birds, but her voice is just as important to hear as those of the magpies, jays, crows and others.

There’s an auld Scottish saying: pin your ears back and listen.  How very apt. Are you listening? What are you listening to? Why are you listening? Or have you forgotten how to listen? Ronan Keating did a song called “Father to Son” and there’s a lyric that goes: “From the moment I could talk, I was ordered to listen”. Why that suddenly popped into my head, I do not know. I get that a lot (being blessed with claireaudience) but perhaps it is meant for you? And me too, I would say. Enjoy your Friday everyone!

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Wildwood COTD : Page of Arrows
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