Wildwood COTD : Seven of Arrows

This card shows a young green woman standing on a rock. Her right arm is raised as we look at her, her left hand sits above her left breast. Behind her, we can see the knotted base of a huge tree, it may even be deep enough for it to be roots. She is standing on a rock and there are vines wrapping themselves around her legs. There are seven arrows pointing towards her and it is not all that clear if the arrows are piercing her. The key word for this card is insecurity.

I still find it satisfying that I can pick up a cards influence during the day, even after doing this for seven years. The Tarot just works and I still do not know how. I am a conduit and sometimes, like everyone, I get insecure about life, family, expectations. I’m sure anyone else with two young children gets this quite regularly, but I feel its how you overcome this emotion that defines you. So, onwards and upwards. Like these arrows, I’m sure I’ll work out which ones I need to pay attention to, and which ones I can ignore.

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Wildwood COTD : Seven of Arrows
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