Wildwood COTD : Seven of Bows

Today’s card is the Seven of Bows and its keyword is “Clearance”. There are a few things that I could do with clearing out today, bad and ill feelings amongst them. This isn’t just about gardening chores, it’s all about life decisions and getting rid of the bad baggage we all have.  I saw a great tweet yesterday that went along the lines of: feeling bogged down? Sit and listen to yourself. Hear those negative thoughts? Do something about them.

OK, so that wasn’t exactly the tweet, I can’t find it now, but the idea is to clear down and get rid of bad emotions, thoughts and anything else holding you back. How might you do this? Well, try writing it down, leaving lots of room so you can tear it up into strips. Take a candle and light it. White is the best for this. Pick up your first negative that’s for the burning. Re-read the negative thought. Slowly start to burn the negative notion and as you do, say aloud (so you can hear yourself say it): I send this negative thought of XX away, never to return. I now have room for bright good feelings to come to me. Now, if you’re a few to do, that’s fine. But somewhere inside you and I, there is a lot of good stuff waiting to come out, but it’s being hidden and strangled by the negative weeds that grow.

I hope you can get rid of these negative thoughts. I hope I can get rid of mine too… It’ll take time, but this is a good start, no?


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Wildwood COTD : Seven of Bows
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