Wildwood COTD : Seven of Vessels

And this morning, whilst I was shuffling, The Guardian jumped out at me. “Not you again!” I proclaimed, and shoved him back into the pack. So, I might hear about my “thing” today, I might not. But no more death news today, PLEASE?!

But the card I did end up turning up (after a really good shuffle, so much so that a croupier would be happy enough with the deck) is the Seven of Vessels. Not surprising then that the key word with this card is mourning.You can see a human skull, resting in the foot of a moss covered tree. There are five small bowls resting before it, one shell that you can drink from and a larger, almost serving bowl. It looks to be early morning, due to the colour of the sky and the long shadows beneath the bowls. Probably just after dawn time.

There will be a lot of people mourning at the news of my old work colleague today. He was charismatic, funny with a dead pan sense of humour. When I first met Mike, I didn’t quite get his sense of humour, or his love of Aston Villa. In fact, knowing Mike, he’s probably shouting “No!” from wherever his soul is at The Villa. (Like several tens of thousand fans are right now about McLeish going there).

Rest in peace Mike, you’ll be missed.

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Wildwood COTD : Seven of Vessels
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