Wildwood COTD : 9 of Arrows & Sabbatical

This is the last post from me for a few weeks. I’m taking my usual two week sabbatical (and taking my Wild Wood with me!) and I won’t be near the Internet, mobile phone signal. This does mean I am NOT available for readings just now. The lack of Internet access is very deliberate and intentional: I find I need a few weeks away from all things technical every so often. But fear not, I’ll be back on line come August 15th!

But for today, I have the Nine of Arrows to contend with. The key word is “dedication”. I am dedicated to my family and quite a few things besides, Tarot included! These nine arrows are scattered about and the lady in question is holding one as if to play the arrow and bows as a violin and bow. She seems lost in what ever thoughts are going through her head. Given that the arrows in this deck are linked to ones thoughts and mental fortitude (think Swords in RWS to help you out here) I wonder what and where her thoughts are. I also wonder why the arrows are in mid air if they’ve not been fired from the bow itself?

Is this lady doing her daily ritual? A reminder for me I feel. As usual with this deck.

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Wildwood COTD : 9 of Arrows & Sabbatical
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