Wildwood COTD : Card 18, The Mirror

And on this glorious Monday, I pull out Card 18, The Moon on the Water  (Now I have “Smoke on the Water” going through my head!) which is a lovely card, when you think about it. There’s an egg that can be seen under the water, reflected by the light of the pale moon. In the distance, you can see a Heron and other animals, silhouetted in the moon light. (Now I have Top Loaders, Dancing in the Moonlight, in my head)

Somewhere in me, is a good idea, growing, waiting to hatch out. At the moment, it’s hidden by emotions (symbolised by the water) and the other creatures are waiting for it to emerge. They can tell it’s there, but I can’t, because it’s being hidden.

It’s a card of hope, of new beginnings and of one important lesson (Lesson 5 for you Nanny McPhee fans!) Faith.

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Wildwood COTD : Card 18, The Mirror
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