Wildwood COTD : Card 2, The Seer

And on this lovely quiet, rain soaked morning, Priestess Tarot brings to you, The Seer. This is the third Major in the deck and the card that I choose to build my Tarot business on. She’s the High Priestess in other decks, but here, in The Wild Wood, she’s a different lady entirely. It’s not all black and white with this lady, nor is it light and dark. There are greys in between. Her intuition is strong, her will is defined and whatever she is doing (calling on a deity to help perhaps?) she is doing it quietly. So quietly, in fact, that you could walk by and not see her. You might not even hear this lady move through the woodlands either.

To me, today, she reminds me to trust my intuition, my inner self. She reminds me to listen, not speak and to feel with everything I was born with, with everything I have developed and learnt. Quite a reminder, huh?

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Wildwood COTD : Card 2, The Seer
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