Wildwood COTD – Eight of Vessels

On this beautiful Saturday afternoon, I shuffle and turn over the Eight of Vessels. It has certainly, thus far, been a day for emotions to flow and over-fill things. As you can see from the photograph below, it all runs to the river and the river flows (now I have the chorus for Tap Turns On the Water by CCS going through my head!) out from a large pool.

It is not always easy to keep the waters flowing in a nice direction, but we can always but try. I had a strange dream last night, where I was meditating and really at peace. It was beautiful.  I was awoken by the little one shouting “mama” quite loud at around seven thirty this morning, but kids don’t let you lie in bed! The eldest might have, but not the youngest. Still, seven thirty’s not a bad wake up time for him. And he needed his nappy changing, so can’t blame him for being wake really.

So before the husband got up, I had the kids fed, dressed, washing out, dishwasher unloaded, chickens up and cleaned, dog poo scooped and was on my second mug of tea, relaxing while the boys played outside. It’s amazing how quiet the house is when the kids play outside!

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Wildwood COTD – Eight of Vessels
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