Wildwood COTD : Four of Arrows

I was struggling to wake up this morning, and I kept thinking that I would really like a Four of Arrows / Swords day. An early night and some rest before the weekend with two little boys & their daddy hits me. And you can see from the title that is EXACTLY what I had jump out at me this afternoon after I had come home from coffee morning.

And since I have been home, (in fact, even at coffee morning) I have had the strangest songs going around my head. First, it was the theme tune to Thundercats (the 80’s cartoon series, which most of us at coffee morning remember) and since then it’s been the theme to Prisoner Cell Block H (not seen that in years either), songs by REM (not any particular one) and Miami Sound Machine. I mean, what?!  Clearly there’s a message in there but I am at a loss, currently, as to what it is. Perhaps when I’ve had an hours sleep, I might be able to figure it out (with the help of some Tarot cards, as per @starcana’s suggestion on Twitter) so we’ll see.

As for today and the Four of Arrows though, it’s all about resting up, taking a break. A nap is a good idea too 🙂

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Wildwood COTD : Four of Arrows
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