Wildwood COTD : Four of Stones

And on this Tuesday, I pull out the Four of Stones with the key word of Protection written up on it. On this card you can see a dear, hiding in a shelter made by four stone pillars. The sun is just setting in the sky, the barren trees in the background are nought now but black shadows.

The need for protection at night is obvious. But there are other forms of protection that we can apply to ourselves. There’s personal protection (I’m not talking guns here, I’m in the UK!) in the form of martial arts and being aware of what is going on around us. There’s psychic protection for when we’re working with spirit or feel the need out and about in every day life.

Today, it’s a mixture of both of these. Protection from the elements is certainly needed here in the UK. It’s mid July, but if you were to look out of the window you’d be forgiven if you thought it was April or even early October! And as for the psychic protection, that’s pretty much a necessity in the Tarot business, even if, like me, you claim not to be psychic. (And I don’t feel I am, but sometimes, occasionally, it does happen.)

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Wildwood COTD : Four of Stones
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