Wildwood COTD : Knight of Bows

And on this first of July, Priestess Tarot finally pulls out a different card for the day than what has been pulled out before. The first card I pulled out was the Five of Vessels, but I’ve spoken about that card before. Then the Blasted Oak came out, but today is not a Blasted Oak day, so finally, after a really, really good and extra shuffle, I pull out the Knight of Bows, represented in this by a Fox.

I have to admit, Will Worthington has done this fox proud, for I have never seen a fox so handsome and clean. Maybe I’ve only ever seen city foxes, but this one looks remarkably well fed and groomed. To our left we see a tree root with leafless branches and the clouds look like they’re heading off to bed. I can see a small clump of fox gloves off to the right and the wfox’s eyes are closed to slits. I expect he’ll bolt off in a moment or two.

Which is what most foxes do, isn’t it? They look at you and in the next instant, they’re gone. Rather fitting for a Knight, the fox. So, what does he represent or present to me today? To be fleet footed, wily, clever and to take action when I need to. Not bad advice for today I feel!

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Wildwood COTD : Knight of Bows
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