Wildwood COTD : Queen of Stones

And today, Priestess Tarot pulls out a suit that rarely, for some reason, comes out: Stones. Today, the Queen shows up. This shows a brown bear at the entrance to her cave at sunset or even sunrise. I suspect sunset as there’s no pink in the sky. To me, she looks like she’s heading to bed after a hard days work of foraging, fishing and protecting her domain.

I pulled this card this morning before meeting up with a friend. To me, this queen is practical, she does what she does to survive and live. She has plenty of food around her in the form of hunting territory. A cub somewhere may depend on her for survival. Today, I borrowed that energy and got on with things as they were presented.

And I also borrowed a tweet from yesterday. “Do one good day a day without shouting the glory of it”. I’ll have to remember that tomorrow too, it felt good today to simply help someone out with no expectations of a return. Strangers as well as my friend.

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Wildwood COTD : Queen of Stones
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