Wildwood COTD : Two of Stones

Today, while I am on holiday and while we can get wi-fi, I pulled out the Two of Stones, represented by two boxing hares. I have discussed this card before but today, the key word is rather key: Challenge.

It was a challenge to get as far as we have today, sanity still somewhat intact, lives along side it. The challenge continues tomorrow, as we head further towards our destination: the campsite! Camping with the kids is always fun, a challenge, an adventure. Life is what you make it to be and what you do with it. Like these two hares, engaged in their battle of wills, I feel I will be like one of them in the morning, getting things organised again for the final leg.

I am afraid I cannot post any pictures as I post this, but I will update it with pictures of the cards and perhaps some of us camping when I can.

Be safe until then everyone!

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Wildwood COTD : Two of Stones
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