Wildwood COTD : Five of Bows

And welcome back one and all! I’m back from the camping trip… midges & flooding aside, I did enjoy myself. It’s nice to be back home again though! Speaking of clairaudience, I’ve had that Blackmoor’s song going around in my head for weeks now, on and off. Just one of those things πŸ™‚

Today though, we have the Five of Bows, with the key word of empowerment. In the background you can see the Giant of Exmoor (I believe it’s Exmoor) holding his bow with four more bows on the ground. I learnt during my holiday that Yew trees were the choice tree for bowmen to make their bows and arrows from, as well as goose feathers for the flights. Why I did not know that before, or why I perhaps forgot it, I have no idea.

But back to this card. Empowerment is a powerful thing. So I ask myself: what am I passionate about today? What do I need to be empowered about? For me, post holiday, it’s the piles of washing and ironing that now sit around me. However, I have made a large dent into this task between yesterday and today! However, like life, there is always more to do! Oh well πŸ™‚

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Wildwood COTD : Five of Bows
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