Wildwood COTD : Five of Stones & Seven of Bows

And today, I have the pleasure of providing you with a whole host of Wildwood information. Firstly, Mark Ryan, John Matthews & Will Worthington have launched the offical Wildwood Tarot website.  They’ve also got themselves a Twitter Account (@wildwoodtarot) and of course, there’s their Facebook Page.

Now I’ve shamelessley promoted the creators of this fantastic deck, it’s time to tell you about the cards I pulled today. I was mindlessly shuffling, reading the notices on my cork board, and I pulled out a card. But it was stuck to the card beneath, so I thought: OK, lets have you both!

The first out was the Five of Stones; Endurance. It shows a small child sitting by a fire at the entrance to a cave on a stormy night. They’re enduring the harsh conditions of the night, practising the skills they’ve learnt in order to survive.


The other card is the Seven of Bows; Clearance. Here you can see six new bows, unstrung, unseasoned and un-prepared, resting against a tree. Probably the Yew tree from which they’ve been cut. In the background there’s a fire burning, clearing away the rubbished, mess and debris caused by harvesting these yew branches.


I’ve had these two cards before, but not together. So, paired up, what might they have in store for me? Today, I feel it’s a case of keep going and clear up! Reminds me of the tea towel I have hanging up on the back of one of my kitchen doors: Keep Calm and Clear Up.

So, onwards with the post holiday tidying up and keep going. No, it never stops! But I also have my Tarot & Astrology homework to do this evening. So, best I find it out and get it organised. Especially while the baby sleeps and the eldest plays on the DS!

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Wildwood COTD : Five of Stones & Seven of Bows
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