Wildwood COTD : Two of Bows

This is a new card for me and not the one I was expecting to pull out for today. Today, I am very much in a 4 of Arrows / Swords place. I am so tired I just want to sleep but it’s not possible today. However, up came this fellow. He reminds me of Zeus, though I am sure that was not quite the intention Will or Mark had for this card!

However, this is the card that’s come up for today, so it’s time to embrace it. And so far, I have. What decisions will you make today? What options are there? Which one grabs your attention (and mine!) and passion more? Which one feels more at home with you? Is it a logical decision or was the decision made from emotions?

What a card to ignite such an inquisition!

Two of Bows

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Wildwood COTD : Two of Bows
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