Oracle of the Week : The Oak

Green Man Wisdom: No one knows their fate

For the last two weeks the Hawthorn has stood in as the Oracle of the week. I totally forgot last week to draw a new one for the week ahead, I am sorry! However, for the next week and a bit, we have the mighty, majestic and most royal of trees: The Oak.

The Oak has the Ogham Duir to it, which is partly where the Druids get their name. In fact, the word Druid means: Oak Wisdom.  Oaks have been used as far back as Jason and the Argonauts. Jason’s Ship, The Argo, is said to have contained a branch from the sacred oak of Dodona in its hull. It is the symbol of strength and endurance.

As far as what this card might mean for us for the next week or so, it comes back to motivation. Fate is not written in stone, we make choices every day which changes how things might come to us. Fate does not control, it guides us towards our potential. Sometimes we realise this as we travel along our path. Sometimes we do not. The wisdom is how to live in harmony with what Fate has laid before us. So, what is motivating us to act the way we do? Is that act for the better?

The most famous son of The Greenwood was Robin Hood. It is told that he used to meet his men under the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest. While it is propped up with wooden struts, it can hold about thirty children in its hollow trunk. There are several other larger old Oaks such as Herne’s Oak in Windsor Great Park.  The Oak even has its own day, which is Oak Apple Day on the 29th May, where people wear sprigs of oak leaves.

My sons know what oak trees look like, and they’re as small as the acorns that now fall from the tallest branches. They quite like hugging Oak trees especially and when I think no one is looking, so do I.

Oak - Duir

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Oracle of the Week : The Oak
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