Wildwood COTD : #10 The Wheel

I’ve got a touch of the drop-sies today! Things I pick up seem to just hit the floor. I’m not worried by it though. So when I dropped half the deck, I just sighed, picked them all back up and away I went.

So, this is what we have for today. I’ve not pulled this card out before so I thought I’d share the image below (Please remember I have Will Worthington’s permission to do this, thank you!)  For the first time since looking at this card, I notice the three cranes sitting in the water off to the back left, behind the weave. And the moon is partially out, waning while the sun is out on the other side. I didn’t notice the sun until I was putting the picture into the blog post.

The Wheel in traditional RWS The Wheel signifies a time of change, usually for the better. This tunic is being weaved, it is blending into the environment from which it was taken and will be used. Another subtle hint I think that I need to pay attention to or make of.

Which way will The Wheel turn? If only to be rid of the sadness and sudden death in the family over the school holidays, I would like it to be towards the sun please!

#10 The Wheel

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Wildwood COTD : #10 The Wheel
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