Wildwood COTD : 4 of Vessels

And how right this card is for today! Firstly, I really didn’t want to wake up or get myself out of bed this morning. Finally got myself up and ready, got the car loaded and the car wouldn’t start. The battery was flat. To be honest, this battery has been playing up for a wee while and today of all days, it’s died in a heap. So, out comes the car battery charger, back into the house we go and hubby settles down to work from home. Thank the Gods he can though!

While the car is charging and the kids get their breakfast, I peruse the local garages and battery people for a replacement for the battery. The words of my father in law come into my head: Your battery might be near the end of its life. Consider getting it replaced. Half an hour later, the car starts and so I take the boys to the local garage, who I know have the battery in and they’ll run alternator and starter-motor checks. However, they confirm exactly what I know: the battery has given up the ghost and would hardly start a fly, let alone a Freelander.

So, forty minutes later, the battery replaced, we go and fetch the dog and head to the park to enjoy a walk and a game of tag in the warm sunshine. Does the weather know that this is September and not middle August?  I know Mabon is not far away, but this is rather nice weather!

So, we get back and I check the post box, to find mails from the bank I am not happy with. A conversation and some work on-line, ten minutes later, things are back on an even keel: so much for paying for the notifications via text!

Think I’ll just go back to bed! I’m not bored, I’m emotionally disengaged. At least, for today (haha!)

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Wildwood COTD : 4 of Vessels
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