Wildwood COTD : #5, The Ancestor

I find it rather quirky that the Tarot comes up with what I need and not often what I want. Today is no exception. On this first day of September (gosh, where’s the Year gone?!) the Ancestor was pulled out after I’d done some chores.

The Ancestor

The chores? (In no particular order) Changed my hair colour to a golden copper colour (it mixes in nicely with the brunette that I am), showered, ate, fed the kids, took the dog to the park and while there, the boys and I went blackberry picking. We now have 3 punnets of wild blackberries. And while we were picking the blackberries, my mind got a wandering as to how our ancestors would have harvested these fruits. Would the children have been there? What clothes would they have worn? What tools would they have used? Would Robin Hood and his merry men have harvested this fruit? Was it even around then? (I think it was, if The Green Man Tree Oracle is a guide to ancient trees)


We raided two blackberry bushes but there’s still plenty there for everyone else. We all had blackberry juice on our hands and on our clothes. But I don’t care! Blackberry and apple crumble, here we come!

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Wildwood COTD : #5, The Ancestor
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