Wildwood COTD : Queen of Vessels

On this wonderfully warm, autumnal day, the Queen of Vessels, the Salmon, comes to pay us a visit. As I sit and watch the birds feast on the refilled feeders, the toddler is asleep for his afternoon nap and I find myself in a small place of contentment. I can hear the birds sing, the water in the pond flow, the washing machine spin yet another load of washing and I find that I am in my own element.

Speaking in astrological terms, the nearest and best Tarot card for me is the Page of Vessels. My ideal is to become more like this Queen. She is more able to deal with being out of her element (water) to get where she wants to go. She will fight with every part of her to get to where she is going, over come any and all obstacles to get there, or die trying.

A lesson and a hint to learn from, as far as I am concerned. What does the Queen of Vessels say to you? What message does she have for you today?

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Wildwood COTD : Queen of Vessels
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