Wildwood COTD : Seven of Stones

On yet another bright, warm, late September day, we have the Seven of Stones. In this picture you can see a man lying down in the centre of some standing stones, while a Green Woman holds a meditative vigil over the man.

The key word with this card is “healing”.

It is two weeks to the day since I encountered a bully. It’s played on my mind on and off during these last two weeks and again today, before I took my youngest to the play group where it happened. During these last two weeks, the group organiser has been thinking of a way to ensure everyone who comes, new member or old, knows what is expected of them. Today, it manifested in the form of “Group Rules” and these were handed out as you registered in and they’re on display right at the coffee counter too.

I did feel some relief when I saw them and what had been written on them. I also thanked the other mum who added her plight about this bully at the time. It was good to know it was not just me that was at the end of the stick. That might sound callous, but misery loves company doesn’t it?

So, what are you needing healed from? Are you going to let yourself be healed, like this man? The wounds may not be physical. They could be metaphysical, mental, psychological, emotional… the list is almost endless.

Allow yourself to be healed, whatever form of injury you have. Wounded baggage is a heavier weight than normal baggage.

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Wildwood COTD : Seven of Stones
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