Wildwood COTD : Ten of Stones

Sunday!! Oh, a lovely Sunday! I even managed to get a lie in! The Horror (aka, the youngest) slept until 8… I didn’t get up until 8:10 to see to him and get him dressed etc. but it was nice to not get up at 7am!

It’s half two in the afternoon as I write up today’s blog entry. So far, I’ve done some washing, replanted 4 or 5 house plants, hopefully taken a cutting of two of two of them (A cactus and Devils Ivy) and done a whole load of other chores I’m not going to write down… That’s just boring!

So when I turned over the Ten of Stones after a good shuffle, I smiled. It’s the card of Home. Through a stone door / arch way, you can see a home sitting on a mound with a tree growing out of the top of it. It is as if the house has been built from the tree. I can’t see any fires burning, but I would like to go and take a closer look at this home.

On either side of the stone archway, two figures are engraved into the rocks. One of a man, the other of a woman. Have they made this place their home? How do they live? How do they spend their days?

Probably the same way I do: by being busy! <lol>

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Wildwood COTD : Ten of Stones
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