Oracle of the Week : Heather

Green Man Wisdom: Luck Takes Many Forms

Ogham UWe have Heather to guide us for the coming week. I love heather, I love it’s ability to cover things with its delicate but scented flowers. I love visiting Scotland when they’re in bloom. It feels like home to me and I love watching the bees busy themselves in the heather in spring.

Heather for me inspires confidence, a familiarity that comes from seeing something from my childhood and garden. Reading the book, that’s almost the first line: that the luck strikes when we are feeling confident. It’s when we question the luck that we often get de-railed, for then we’re leaving our true path.

Fortune, like the Wheel of Fortune, comes in good and bad forms. The trick is to trust your luck for then it opens new doorways and suggests oaths that cause it to change.

The colour of the Heather is important too. White heather is synonymous with good luck. In Scotland, you’ll often find rings of white heather in rings around important fruiting trees. This is to help the tree produce more fruit.

Purple heather is believed to be stained by the blood of of Pictish Warriors who fought and died on the moorlands of Scotland and down in the Boarders.   Reading the book, I never knew that legends say that heather will not grow on the battlefield of Culodden Moor, after the battle of 1746. Interesting! And there’s a Celtic poem, Cad Goddeu, (The Battle of the Trees) that has a line or two about heather bringing assistance to those that need it.


The Gaelic name for Heather is “fraoch” which means bravery or fierceness in battle, as well as being the name of an Irish hero.

The Ogham has a variety of meanings, from death and burial to renewal. I am thinking in terms of the Tarot now and say “The Tower” or “Death” in that way. Us Celts believe implicitly in life after death, so these connections aren’t all that surprising. At least, not to me.  Since we’re coming into Autumn / Fall, no doubt we’ll see Death around a lot just now, especially as The Veil between the Worlds (mortal and dead) is at its thinnest.

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Oracle of the Week : Heather
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