Oracle of the Week : Honeysuckle

Green Man Wisdom: Wisdom hides in secret places.

It has been a while since I did my Oracle of the Week. It’s been several weeks since I did something else too… I’d better get my finger out! But for now, here is our Green Man Tree Oracle of The Week!

This week, the Honeysuckle joins us and lends to us a secret that we have probably known for a while, but never realised: That a wealth of meaning lies hidden, ready to be uncovered and explored. Honeysuckle itself is linked with love, romance and courtship. In the Lowlands of Scotland, a young man visiting his sweetheart always carried a stick cut from the honeysuckle, as it was said to bring luck to the venture and it indicated honourable intentions. It has strong, sweet-smelling flowers and is often best to experience it’s fragrance at dusk. It is also said to bring young women erotic dreams and luck to any marriage. If it’s hung over the door of a house, honeysuckle is said to keep unwanted visitors out and the good luck in. If you were a cattle or cow farmer, honeysuckle over the doorway was said to keep the faeries from stealing the cows milk.

If you’ve ever seen honeysuckle grow, you’ll know that it can climb. It loves to embrace the trunk of a tree and wrap itself around it, often covering the main tree with its delicate golden blossom. It even features in Shakespeare’s: A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Honeysuckle has a divinatory meaning of secrecy and it may well come from its connection to the Snowball Tree (Viburnum opulus) and Wayfaring Tree (Viburnum lantana). All three are members of the Lonicera family.

To me, this is a plant that I’ve never smelled. It sounds funny, but I haven’t. And for this year, it’s flowers have gone and I won’t smell it until next summer. Perhaps I need to plant one in my garden and let my children learn the secrecy of honeysuckle is like the quest for secret knowledge.

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Oracle of the Week : Honeysuckle
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