Wildwood COTD : #16 The Blasted Oak

I pulled this card this morning on the train to the UK Tarot Conference in London, sat with Mary Collin and wondering what the day might hold. So when this card came up, we giggled and wondered how it might manifest. Meeting Mark Ryan was on the agenda and confirmed as a guest speaker with John Matthews and his wonderful wife, Caitlin. I remarked that the Wildwood workshops alone would suffice for the Tower, for I was hoping for a connection to occur, for another piece of the Wildwood puzzle to come into place.

THe Blasted Oak

So, what did the day have in store for me? A piece of the Wildwood puzzle did indeed fall into place. How the Bow Spread is printed in the book is different from how Mark lays it out before him and how he lays it out makes the jumping around so much easier to understand! The networking and connections I have made with Adele, meeting Lisa, Linda, Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gorm and catching up with other recently made connections was great.

What else could it mean? Time will tell. The pebble that has fallen into the river may not be felt for some time or by anyone else. So I will have to report back.

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Wildwood COTD : #16 The Blasted Oak
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