Wildwood COTD : King of Vessles

The King of the Vessels showed up today, Saturday 29th October 2011. Given that I had the Page the other day, followed by the Knight the day after, I do feel I should have a full house and ought to have pulled the Queen out yesterday, instead of the 5 of Bows. No matter, I have The King today.

So, what does The King have to tell us? This bird is clumsy at first flight, but boy, is he graceful at the fishing and standing still lark. There’s a Heron living in the Lower Pond of the nearby park. I love looking at him when he’s there. My toddler however just wants to play on the swings or feed the ducks. That is cool.

But what does (or did, as I type) this fellow have in store for me today? He’s the one so in charge of his emotions, he is nearly laid back. But that’s not how I see him. I see him as cool, yes, calm and collected. I now have a Fleetwood Mac song: Isn’t It Midnight, going around in my head. My eyes are failing me, so I think I will turn in and by the time you read this post, I probably will have retired for the night.

Remember! The clocks go back an hour tonight! More sleep!! Yay!!


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Wildwood COTD : King of Vessles
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